Brian Brivati - Director | TSRN

Brian Brivati


A specialist in designing and delivering professional development, leadership and bespoke training programmes for government, NGOS, the private sector and overseas clients. He also works as a special adviser to politicians, government departments and civil society organisations in Central and Eastern Europe, Iraq and other Middle East countries.

Radhika Bhagat - Director | TSRN


Our Founding Director

25 April 1977 – 1 November 2018 

Anne Tiedemann - Director | TSRN

Anne Tiedemann


An expert in the security, anti-corruption and intelligence industries where she has held senior executive roles delivering strategy development and company restructuring. Anne advises CEOs and senior executives operating in social impact, cyber security, development and corporate sectors bringing her extensive knowledge and international experience to the fore.



Ghassan Jawad - Associate | TSRN

Ghassan Jawad


Based in Iraq, Ghassan manages a network of high-level officials, representatives, and individuals participating in international fora. He is an advisor to public sector and non-governmental organisations in Iraq. Ghassan has worked with numerous international organisations including the John Smith Trust, the International Republican Institute and the British Museum.

vida Hamd_1

Vida Hamd


Dr. Vida Hamd is a policy advisor overseeing humanitarian and stabilisation programs in Lebanon, and advising on Rule of Law, Preventing Violent Extremism, Political and Security Sector Reform. Vida is a published writer and university lecturer. She worked on peace building with the United Nations and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Irakli portrait_2

Irakli Gogava


A member of the Georgian Parliament from 1999-2004, Irakli has also served as an advisor to former Ukranian Prime Minister Victor Yushchenko. He has a wealth of experience in the Middle East including as the Governance Director for IRI in Iraq. Irakli is a highly respected political commentator with a weekly live TV talk show and newspaper blog in Georgia.

Mark Salter

Mark Salter


Mark Salter has over 25 years consulting in policy research, facilitation and programme advisory with a strong focus on governance, conflict transition, peace building and post-conflict reconciliation. He has worked extensively in Africa, South Asia, Central-Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East. His experience centres in project and programme evaluation, design and facilitation, as well as capacity development and training.


Ahmed Al-Janahi


Ahmed is a Baghdad based trainer who has been a specialist  International Human Development Coach for  6 year. He is currently training candidates and their teams for the Iraqi election and working on strategic engagement with new members of the Iraqi Parliament. He has a master’s degree in Business Administration – International Business Department.

Alex Attwood 2

Alex Attwood


As a Northern Ireland politician since 1985, Alex has been centrally involved in negotiations to bring about new politics in Ireland. This has included its power sharing political structures, policing and justice arrangements, human rights and equality, peace and the ending of violence. He has worked in Sierra Leone, Lebanon, Iraq and with representatives from many countries to share the experience of Ireland in moving from violent conflict to peace.

Laura Cretney

 Laura Cretney


Laura is the Director of Al Ishara Consulting, which offers political and cultural expertise for companies with an interest in the Middle East and North Africa. She has lived, studied and worked in the Gulf and speaks fluent Arabic. Laura has experience of working in development, risk consulting and finance, and has two first class degrees in Middle East Politics and Arabic from Durham University and SOAS.